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For three generations, our family business has been taking the best local ingredients and creating pies and pastries enjoyed across Tasmania.

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National Pies

ProperTassie Pies.

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Our story Our story

In 1942 our founder Alfred Gough, a local butcher, created a pie so ‘proper’ that it impressed even the gentry at Hobart’s National Theatre. And so the National pie was born.

Today, Alfred’s family continues to bake Proper National Pies daily for all the good people of Tassie.


There’s no big secret. We just make it and bake it proper with 128 layers of puff pastry wrapped around our butchers’ best cuts of Tassie meat.

Our pies have been a local favourite for over 70 years and now we have finally found a way to make enough pies (without cutting corners) to meet the insatiable demand from the big island.


Our pies Our pies

Here's just a selection of our proper pies, view the full range.

Our pies Our pies

A Proper Pie, made the proper way.

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There’s still more properly exciting things in the works here at National Pies.

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